Are you looking to call an
Associate Pastor?

With an upcoming graduation in May 2019, I'm looking for my first ordained call. I can't wait to serve the church as a Minister of Word and Sacrament. Am I the right fit for your congregation? Here's a bit about my passions and where I feel God calling me in ministry.


The Kingdom of God Inside the Church

I am incredibly passionate about Intergenerational Educational Ministry. My 3 years as a youth coordinator and director held some of the most meaningful experiences of my life. I love youth ministry, particularly working to integrate students meaningfully into the live of the congreation. I am interested in curriculum development and spiritual formation for children, youth, and adults, as well as preaching and teaching all age levels.

The Kingdom of God on City Streets

What does it mean for the Church to be a witness of the gospel in America today? The answer to that question is rapidly changing and I believe it must include meaningful engagement with our communities and policies that mean the difference between injustice and human flourishing in our country today. Political engagement must be above partisanship, which requires the church to boldly follow where the Spirit leads. I feel called to mobilize congregations to connect their faith to the practices of their daily lives. This includes lobbying for policies that serve our most vulnerable neighbors, interfaith and ecumenical engagement, and effective outreach ministries.

The Kingdom of God in the World

I experience God in the beauty of Creation, which leads me focus on Creation Care as an expression of my faith and calling. I care deeply about environmental justice, particularly as it interesects with racial, gender, and economic justice. Finding joy in activities like backpacking, and gardening renews my spirit and gives me the energy to lead others to care for all that God has created.

The Word of God Proclaimed

One of my favorite aspects of ministry is preaching the Word of God. I have been teaching and preaching since I was a high school student, when all I knew was that I couldn't help but preach. My lifelong love of scripture has become a love of sharing the Word of God with congregations and seeing how the spirit of God is active through the interpretation of the text in our midst today. 


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