Smoothie Bowl

I'm not sure how smoothie bowls got their popularity, but I kind of love this hipster trend. I don't have any big straws for drinking my smoothies, so bowls have become a fun way to enjoy them. My approach to smoothies is to throw in everything that possibly sounds good. I used to use fruit juice for the liquid, but it just adds unnecessary sugar. My new favorite, thanks to my short time as a vegan, is almond milk. It makes it creamy without being as heavy as dairy. 

I usually put some frozen kale or spinach in my smoothies to give it some healthy vitamins. I didn't have any on hand this morning, so I did without. However, I have been adding oatmeal and chia seeds, which I've come to love. I have a pretty cheap blender, so I have to have to add a lot of liquid. I always try to add the smallest amount possible for some reason and it always makes my poor little blender grind to a halt. Use plenty of liquid (or use a fancy blender). 


Ingredients: (all these are optional. Add whatever ingredients tickle your fancy!)
1 cup frozen fruit
1/2 - 1 cup frozen greens such kale, spinach
1 banana
3 T oatmeal
1 cup almond milk
1 scoop soy yogurt
1 scoop protein powder (if that's your thing) 

Yummy toppings: 
1-2 T chia seeds
Coconut flakes


1. Blend all the ingredients of your choice until you reach your desired consistency. If you've got a high powered blender, use less almond milk for a thicker texture, which is perfect for a bowl.
2. Pour smoothie into bowl and add toppings
3. Enjoy!